Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day Eight

We were completely lazy today. We had breakfast around nine then I took a cat nap while Tim watched TV. It was a homes show and this couple were looking for a house in the English countryside, so I ended up watching most of it too. They picked a newly restored farm building with oaste (sp?) towers. Oaste towers were used to store and dry hops for beer. The towers themselves were red brick and gorgeous and the interior was all newly remodeled but had kept the original wooden beams and because of the towers there were two round sitting rooms. It was so cool!

Now we're sitting at the cafe tables on the grounds of our hotel and waiting for a cream tea. I've been reading back issues of Jane Austen's Regency World magazine which sounds hopelessly twee (and some of it is... as is the fact that I actually just used the word twee...) but overall it's pretty interesting as it offers a lot of history on all sorts of things during the Regency period and sheds a lot of light on things mentioned but not explained in writing of that period, because, of course, at the time it was written those things were well known and part of the current culture. There was also a rabidly critical review of the film Lost in Austen. Though I thought the movie played havoc with Austen's characters, I thought the movie could be taken with laugh. Clearly, this reviewer did not agree and it was a little humorous how angry he (yes, HE) got about the whole thing. Apparenty, the film caused quite a stir here in the UK. I also read in the mag that there is an American team working on a musical version of Pride and Prejudice. Now, I really can't see that being good...

There is a group of about six older British ladies also sitting out here, taking tea and diagnosing the ills of the world. It reminds me of my girlfriends and me. True girlfriends are much the same the world over and across generations. Truly one of the best things in the world!

There is also a dreadful English mother shouting at her son Felix, apparently every time moves a muscle. Thankfully, they are getting up now. Tim says I've scared them away with my evil eye.

Tim's been looking through our pictures. He's got a great one of the Underground train but he took it with the flash on as it was pulling into Charing Cross station and it earned him an angry horn blow from the driver. It is a good picture though. Also, it appears that I am obsessed with doors. I've taken all sorts of pictures of all manner of doorways. I think it's because there is such a mystery implied - there are sorts of possibly wonderful things behind that door.

I've observed a certain similarity between American and British roadways. It seems to be a matter of course in both places to randomly set out orange cones and road work signs despite the fact that no one ever seems to be actually working on the roads. I believe it is a sort of perverse show of power by those in control of the roadways. Or maybe there is just such a overage of orange cones that they have to be put somewhere.

Oh heavens, Felix and his horrible mum are back.

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